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Some databases include address details that are not required for postal purposes. Alias™ Data helps you identify the correct postal addresses


By recognising when different address details refer to a single delivery point, you stand a better chance of reaching your customers.

Does your home or business premises use a property name rather than a number? Alias™ data works with the Postcode Address File (PAF®) to ensure alternatives to the same address are delivered to the correct, delivery point. This will:

  • allow your customers to receive mail that is sent to an alternative address but is intended for them

  • recognise variations in building names and numbers, and alternative uses of county names


Product information

What is Alias™ data and what does it include? Alias™ contains alternative address details that are used by people when they address and send mail. It includes building names and local terms or colloquial names. This information isn’t needed for delivery purposes. Alias™ includes four types of records:
  • locality records – old short forms of locality names, alternative local names and Postally Not Required (PNR) localities
  • thoroughfare records – replacement street and road names, thoroughfare or dependent thoroughfare combinations
  • delivery point alias Information – for example Trading Names and Building Names
  • county records – traditional, administrative and former postal county information.
How is it updated Alias™ contains around 2.5 million records that we continually add to and maintain. Updates to the file come from our 65,000 postmen and women who identify address changes whilst out on their walks. Please note: Alias™ is only available as a full UK file and must be used in conjunction with a PAF® product What are the benefits of using Alias File™ data? Alias™ is designed to work in conjunction with our Postcode Address File (PAF™) to recognise alternatives to PAF® verified addresses held within your customer database or mailing list. Data and file formats Royal Mail only provides the Alias™ as raw data. Customers looking for solutions that incorporate PAF™ and Alias™ data will need to visit our list of solutions providers. Alias™ is available on CD or via Internet download. You can choose monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual updates.

Licensing Fees

PAF® and Alias™ data are covered by the PAF® Data Licence Agreement. The supply of PAF® and Alias File™ data are covered by the PAF® Data Supply Agreement.

For end-users

You are defined as an end-user if it’s your company uses the data internally or on your website, or both. If you choose to purchase raw data directly from Royal Mail then we will be responsible for your licensing. If you decide to purchase a solution that incorporates PAF® and Alias™ data from a licensed solutions provider, then they will return a PAF® royalty fee to Royal Mail on your behalf.

View the PAF® licence

Send us an email if you want more help with licensing PAF® and Alias File™ data.

For Solutions Providers

The PAF Compliance Centre offers a range of resources to help you:

Technical Information

If you want to use PAF® raw data to develop your own solutions, you may want detailed technical information to help you with your programming. Learn more from our Programmers Guide

Sample data

If you are interested in developing your own software solutions that incorporate address data then you can download a sample of Alias™. Simply complete the registration process, accept our terms and download your data. Alternatively, our First Steps CD contains samples of Alias™, PAF®, and our other raw datasets. Request your free copy of First Steps now.

How to buy

To buy a software solution containing Royal Mail’s address data

Find a supplier – you can either search by your addressing need or by keyword

To buy data from the Royal Mail Address Management Unit

Email us at address.management@royalmail.com or call us on 0845 606 6854 (option 3)

To become a Solutions Provider

Contact us

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