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2015 PAF® Licence

On 1 April 2014, the Address Management Unit published both the new 2015 PAF® Licence Agreements along with the new Data Supply Agreement. To give the market time to prepare for transitioning to new terms, the licences will be implemented in April 2015.

The 2015 Licence Agreements are shorter, simpler and easier to read compared to the current documents. In simplifying PAF® licensing arrangements, we hope to encourage greater use of PAF® data amongst businesses of all sizes and with differing address management requirements.

In developing the 2015 PAF® Licences, we consulted and engaged with the market and its representatives on both an initial proposal and a revised proposal. The new Licence builds on the many positives of the revised proposal and seeks to provide greater simplicity and clarity where it was needed.

You can view all of the Licence Agreements along with supporting information within the PAF® Licensing Centre.

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