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Data Services – Governance, Distribution and Audit for Postcode Address File (PAF®) and Royal Mail Data Services (RMDS)

Royal Mail Group (RMG) is looking for a suitably qualified supplier(s) to provide Secure Data Services consisting of:

LOT 1: Data Governance, Distribution, Royalty Management, Auditing, Seeding, Management and Reporting, for Royal Mail Data Services (RMDS).

This includes:

  • DATA DISTRIBUTION – Handle multiple incoming and outgoing product data feeds of varying structure, frequency and size, using various secure scripted methods such as SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure)
  • DATA GOVERNANCE – An automated system and platform with functionality to manage policies, processes and data regulations. Ability to store formal communications with users such as contract management and confirmation signed agreements. System must be auditable to demonstrate compliance with regulations and can easily track, test and monitor user responses to surveys of terms and conditions, data governance and risk assessment. System must allow new users to self-certify their understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions for data usage. Single transaction views will be required for each user of the data. The system should allow for the transfer of suppression files for specific products on a daily basis to selected users.
  • ROYALTY MANAGEMENT – Co-ordinate usage and royalty reporting for all data products and check against audit / seeding reports for any irregularities.
  • LICENSE AUDITS – Carry out site pre, post and exit audits to check readiness and compliance by licensee plus usage against license agreements by users.
  • SEEDING – Create modified (dummy) names to use with real addresses for insertion into databases, monitor usage of data and feedback outcomes of seeding activity.
  • MANAGEMENT AND REPORTING which includes:
  • Programme Management – Manage and report on all incoming and outgoing data whether via SFTP or other means.
  • Data usage – Collate and provide detail report back on what data has been used by whom on a weekly basis.
  • Query Handling – Receive and deal with queries relating to secure data governance and distribution
  • Royalty – billing reports, usage, amounts and irregularities

LOT 2:  Auditing for Postcode Address File (PAF®) data

This includes:

  • Carrying out licence audits (est. 4-6 audits per month) –pre/ post/exit audits to check readiness and compliance by licensee plus usage against license agreements by users. The key aim of the audit is to ensure that customers are complying by the terms of the licence.
  • Attend quarterly and annual review meetings
  • Adherence to agreed SLAs
  • Provision of Credit Safe Licence
  • Data Seal accreditation (or equivalent) for the AMU on an annual basis

Prospective applicants will be required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and combined tender document (ITN) available via email from  where further instructions will be provided to all Applicants.

 Instructions for participating:

Please read ALL of the following information carefully before proceeding.

IMPORTANT: Before expressing interest in this procurement, please check that you meet the minimum conditions for participation. Please DO NOT express interest if you cannot meet the minimum conditions stated below.

The key steps in submitting an application are as follows:

Step1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

  1. To formally submit an EOI please send an email to
  2. An Applicant Details Spread sheet and Commercial Data sheet will be sent which must be completed and returned back by 23rd December 2015.
  3. The Applicant Details Spread sheet should be completed with the details of your organisation. The spread sheet format should not be amended in any way. Mandatory field for completion are:
  4. Organisation name;
  5. Contact Telephone Number for your organisation;
  6. First name of the person who will complete the tender;
  7. Surname of the person who will complete the tender;
  8. Contact number for the person who will complete the tender;
  9. Email address of the person who will be completing the tender.

Please also complete as much of the non-mandatory information as possible.

  1. Receipt of all EOI will close on 23rd December 2015.
  2. Tender Documents will be sent out on 24th December 2015

 Minimum conditions for participation:

Applicants must meet the following conditions:-

1) Must have a provision of a Credit safe Licence

2) Must have Data Seal accreditation support (Inc. DMA and LRQA fee) or an equivalent standard.

3) Must have Account Management / Client & Customer Support Team.

4) Must have experience in working with PAF/large addressing datasets

5) Must have Audit qualification

6) Must hold Information Security Standards ISO27001

Step 2: Tender Process

  1. Tender (ITT) documents sent via email on 24th December and will be opened from

24th December 2015-29th January 2016

  1. Complete the ITT Questions found within the tender documents
  2. Submit your completed tender response to before the stipulated deadline date
  3. Tender closes 29th January 2016 @ 14:00hrs

The tender form is available only by following the instructions above. The submissions will be evaluated by Royal Mail, in accordance with the criteria stated in the tender document. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to Stage 2: Presentation Day

The contract will be awarded based on the most economically advantageous tender in accordance with the evaluation criteria stated in the tender documents. The initial term of the agreement will be for one (1) year with an option to review and extend on an annual basis for a further four (4) years. RMG cannot guarantee any level of work or spend throughout the life of this Contract. Royal Mail Group reserves the right to utilise e-auctions during ITN stage if it is deemed appropriate.

Organisation name: Royal Mail Group, 185 Farringdon Road, London, EC1A 1AA, UK.

Contact: Mohini Patel

Telephone: 07841 565122

Email address:

The deadline for the receipt of completed tender is Friday 29th January 2016 at 14:00 (UK Time)

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