Licence Clarification

In addition to the terms and conditions which you have signed up to in your Licence Agreements, from time to time Royal Mail will issue clarifications that relate to the licensing of PAF®, Multiple Residence™ (MR) and Not Yet Built™ (NYB) data. Please find below all of the clarifications that have been issued recently in respect of our current Licence Agreements. We will continue to let you know when we publish clarifications that may affect you, or your organisation’s current licensing terms. Click on the accordions below to access the latest clarifications.

Most recent clarifications

Within this section, you will find information relating to the Licence Agreements for which a clarification has been issued since publication.

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Clarification issued April 2016 The definition of User within our agreements is: “An individual authorised by an End User to use a Solution.” We contacted customers in April 2016 to clarify how to license Users of PAF/Multiple Residence/Not Yet Built in certain circumstances. Further details are contained in the Users factsheet and there are also some Learn diagrams and Scenarios which help to clarify how to license ‘role cover, maternity/paternity leave and job sharing.

Market Research

The postal address and Postcode information in PAF is widely used by Market Researchers for the purposes of identifying and targeting their research activities. Like other users of PAF, Market Researchers have to license their use of the data, however, unlike in the 2010 PAF Agreement, there are no specific clauses relating to the use of PAF for Market Research Purposes in the current PAF Agreement. This has created some uncertainty for those Market Researchers who are using, and intend to continue to use PAF, so they’ve asked us to clarify our position with regard to this type of use. We recently issued guidelines on our Users factsheet where, under certain circumstances, it would be appropriate to consider multiple ‘individuals’ as only one User and therefore only charge one User fee. We will now consider Researchers* to be treated in the same way as long as those Researchers* are using PAF for Market Research Purposes** *”Researchers” means individuals employed by or contracted (directly or indirectly) to an End User for that End User’s own Market Research Purposes. **”Market Research Purposes” means social or opinion research to gain insight or support decision making in respect of individuals or organisations, by systematic gathering and interpretation of information and use of the statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences.