Apply now for the PSL Use Terms

All eligible public sector organisations can now take advantage of the PSL Use Terms (under revision and will include MR and NYB) and benefit from access to PAF® for free at the point of use. To apply to become licensed, please complete the application form below, ensuring that the information you provide is as accurate as possible. Any missing or incorrect details may delay the completion of the process to confirm your eligibility.

Please check here to see if your organisation has already applied – if not, we would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the PSL Use Terms before continuing with your application. The PSL Use Terms govern your use of PAF, MR and NYB data. Please note: the PSL Use Terms do not cover any use of PAF, MR and NYB data for any commercial activity. If your organisation wishes to use our data for commercial purposes then it should license this use on the standard Licence terms. We will email you to inform you if your application has been successful. Successful applicants will be licensed to access our data under the PSL Use Terms. Unless you tell us otherwise we will use your email as the primary method for contacting you.

Before you apply

You’ve checked that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria
You’ve checked that your organisation has not applied already
You’ve read through the PSL Use Terms
Public sector organisation which doesn’t meet all eligibility criteria
Public sector organisation who intends to use PAF, MR or NYB for commercial purposes