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New simplified PAF® Licence Press Release

Royal Mail has today published its simplified Postcode Address File (PAF®) licence following extensive consultation with the market

The new licence is designed to widen take-up, encourage greater use of PAF®, and meet the current and future needs of users, solutions providers and developers of PAF® based products in today’s diverse marketplace.

Key features of the new licence include:

  • A shorter, clearer, and simpler set of licensing terms
  • An updated pricing structure with fewer pricing points and clear choices to help users decide which pricing options best suit their use of PAF®
  • A familiar licensing model where Solutions Providers continue to license their customers
  • Wider scope for innovation with fewer restrictions on the use of PAF®
  • A reduction in the Full UK, Full PAF® “per user” price
  • Retention of the current Bureau arrangements

The new terms and the new prices will come into effect in April 2015. This will be the first time prices have changed since the terms of the current licence were implemented in April 2010.

The new licence follows new measures, implemented last year in collaboration with Government, to provide free access to PAF® for micro businesses and small independent charities, encouraging innovation and growth.

A new Public Sector Licence

In addition, Royal Mail has reached agreement with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and Scottish Government on the introduction of a centrally paid Public Sector Licence to cover use of PAF®. From 1 April 2015, eligible public sector organisations in England and Wales, and Scotland, will be able to take advantage of the new Public Sector Licence without additional charge.

To enable a smooth transition to the PSL, from 1 April 2014, members of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), who sign-up to the PSL Use Terms, will be able to access PAF® data within addressing products supplied directly to them by Ordnance Survey.

Since its introduction, the way in which the postcode and postal address data is used has diversified and grown. PAF® is now at the core of a wide range of systems and solutions which support many businesses and industries. The postcode is now used by tens of thousands of businesses every day for address look-up, to confirm identities, reduce fraud and aid navigation.

Stephen Agar, Managing Director Consumer and Network Access said: “We’re very pleased to be publishing our new simplified Postcode Address File Licence. Over the last few months, we have consulted extensively with the market and its representatives to develop a framework that offers users a shorter, clearer, simpler licence with a wider scope for innovation and fewer restrictions on the use of PAF®. We’re confident that the new licence offers the continuity and flexibility that we know the market as a whole wants.”

For further information contact:
Akudo Ike, PR Manager, 07725 447937,

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