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Number of UK addresses held within Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) database – October 2015

We’re regularly asked for information on the number of UK delivery addresses (delivery points) contained within PAF and for details on the number of updates we make to the file, they’re important indicators as to the completeness of PAF and our ability to maintain its accuracy. The actual numbers of addresses and address changes vary from one month to the next, for example, in our October report, there are almost 19,000 additional delivery points in PAF compared to the previous month. We work closely with every Local Authority in the UK in creating new addresses, Royal Mail assign the Postcodes and input all of the information into PAF.

Whilst there have been this number of additions, there will also be a considerable number of amendments to existing delivery points, such as a change of business name, whilst other delivery points may be identified as being vacant or even demolished. In many cases, this information is collected by our postmen and women. They are constantly verifying address details and reporting address changes. They walk every street in the UK, six days a week, and are in a unique position to inform us of address related changes they see on their walks. This is why we always recommend PAF users access updates at least on a monthly basis and many more now take daily PAF updates.

Total number of actual Delivery Points on PAF:               29,650,629

Total number of Postcodes on PAF:                                 1,747,202

 Total number of Post Towns on PAF:                                     1,500

Total number of business names held on PAF:                  1,365,626

We’ve produced a range of different monthly reports – see below – each of which open as a PDF. Simply read the short description and select the report(s) you’re most interested in.

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We’ll update the information next month and publish again here on our website. If you have any further questions, we’re happy to help, click on Contact Us for ways to get in touch.

Scott Childes

Data Supply Manager

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