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We’re busy developing Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built videos

About eighteen months ago, we produced our first video, a two-minute introduction to Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®). In the video, we explained what PAF is, what it’s used for, how it benefits organisations and their customers and how we work hard to maintain the accuracy of the postal address and Postcode information in the database. The video was published on our website with a specially adapted version made available to Solutions Providers in case they wanted to publish it on their respective websites or share as an information resource with their customers and teams internally.

PAF Video Image

The video has been very well received and has been viewed far more than we’d initially expected, so much so that we began thinking about developing videos for our other databases. When several of our Solutions Providers asked us to consider creating videos for our Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built databases, we were convinced this was the right thing to do. Since then, we’ve been working with the agency behind the first video to produce these two new videos.

Having signed off the storyboards and scripts at the start of January, we began the production process. Last week, we were in a studio in Manchester recording the voice overs for the new videos. We’ve chosen to work with the same actor again for these voice overs to make them feel like a series of videos and as we love his voice! The agency are now pulling the animation, the voice overs and the music together and will share with us soon. Once the videos have been finished, we will publish on our website and once again, will make them available to our Solutions Providers to use too. The videos aim to demonstrate the complementarity of Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built with PAF and could well become an important sales tool in encouraging wider use of our other valuable databases.


We will provide another update just as soon as the new videos are ready!

Paul Tatman-Madsen

Marketing and Communications Manager

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