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Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit introduces new SFTP product supply

The AMU has recently introduced the option to receive PAF data supplies via SFTP. SFTP provides end to end encryption for file transfer and is firewall friendly. It requires the user to have an SFTP client. FTP doesn’t have encryption, is less secure and is more likely to encounter firewall issues. It remains the customer’s choice as to whether or not SFTP is adopted and this decision can be made at the point of extracting the data. Please see below some further information.

Why has Royal Mail introduced SFTP as a transport option?

The key benefit to customers is additional security in that SFTP uses encryption which ensures a secure end-to-end transport connection.

SFTP is also less complicated to support through some corporate firewalls.

Does RM recommend customers to upgrade to SFTP?

Yes, we believe that SFTP is the better transport option.

Will RM continue to support FTP?

Yes. We recognise that some legacy systems will be unable to use SFTP.

Can I use SFTP to download any RAW PAF Product?


What do I need to start using SFTP?

For UNIX, SFTP is supported via SSH which is a default on many UNIX installations.

For  Windows an SFTP client such as WinSCP for Windows will need to be installed.

You should seek advice from your IT department.

Will my download credentials change?

No. The SFTP login credentials are the same those provided for your FTP access. Any RAW PAF customer who receives data via FTP will now have the option to use SFTP.

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