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Royalty Returns analysis

Every month, the AMU reviews royalty returns from each of our c.250 Solutions Providers. On occasions when we have questions relating to the returns, we speak to our Solutions Providers to clarify the information. This activity is important in ensuring the consistent and compliant use of PAF®; an area that our Solutions Providers tell us is very important to them. We have recently completed a very detailed piece of analysis that compares Royalty Returns over the three years that the current PAF® Licence has been in place. This work has helped us identify what appears to be missing or lost End-Users, and missing revenue. This insight represents a considerable opportunity for many of our Solutions Providers, therefore, we are taking the time to prepare you with a list of your missing or lost End-Users. Your Customer Relationship Manager, or a member of our team, will contact you in the coming weeks to share the insight with you and to discuss how to help you make the most of this opportunity.

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