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The Address Management Unit (AMU) prepare to introduce the new ‘Not Yet Built’ licence

We often receive enquiries from customers who are unable to order goods online, because their address is not registered on PAF. One of the most common reasons for this is that the address in question is that of a new property. As PAF only contains valid delivery points, addresses of properties that are under construction are not registered until they are ready to receive a delivery of mail. This process can be very frustrating however for customers wishing to place orders for the delivery of goods to their new homes.

A potential answer to help bridge the gap is the Not Yet Built file. Maintained by the AMU, the database contains details from Local Authorities of properties that are in the planning or construction stage, through to the point of becoming an active delivery point.

Following on from April’s overhaul of the Multiple Residence licence, we have now done the same for the Not Yet Built Licence making it easier to sell alongside PAF. If you want to familiarise yourself with the Not Yet Built File please click here

We will inform you once the Not Yet Built licence has been published.

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