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The January statistics which confirm the total number of UK addresses held within Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) database are now available

There has been over 15,000 additional delivery points added to PAF this month.


Total number of actual Delivery Points on PAF:                    29,909,998

Total number of Postcodes on PAF:                                        1,753,479

Total number of Post Towns on PAF:                                            1,500

Total number of business names held on PAF:                        1,339,857


We’ve produced a range of different monthly reports – see below – each of which open as a PDF. Simply read the short description and select the report(s) you’re most interested in.

PAF Statistics

Business and Vacant Org Counts

Delivery Point Change Statistics

New Sectors and Localities

Activity Reports

Non Geographic Codes & Current PO Box Sectors

We’ll update this information week commencing 20th February 2017, following the PAF product run. If you have any further questions, we’re happy to help, click on Contact Us for ways to get in touch.

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