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A nation of book worms: Royal Mail reveals house and street names with literary namesakes across the UK

In celebration of World Book Day, Royal Mail has revealed the most popular literary-themed names that feature in house and street names in the UK. Potter, Dickens, Copperfield and Montague are all fashionable literary choices across the nation.

Across the UK, there are over 7,000 streets and over 25,000 house names containing literary-themed names.

Nationally, Copperfield is the most common novel-based street name, featuring in 23 postcodes across the UK. Potter Street is the most common book character occurring in street names, featuring in 78 postcodes across the UK. Montague Road and Montague Street are the most popular street names inspired by Shakespeare.

The research also unveiled literature as being one of the most common inspirations for the nation’s house names. Dickens Yard, Copperfield House and Montague Court are among the most popular literature-related houses that Royal Mail’s postmen and postwomen deliver to.

London is host to the most literature-themed house names, including Beatrix Apartments, Matilda House and Clockwork Mews. Other notable house names inspired by the world of books include The Hobbit House in Newport, Orwell House in Aberdeen, Little Snape in Tunbridge Wells, The Hamlet in Belfast and Pickwick Terrace in Slough.

Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit analysed over 30 million addresses to identify the most common literature-inspired house and street names.

Royal Mail is marking World Book Day with a special postmark, featuring the Share a Million Stories campaign message.

Steve Rooney, Head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit said: “Houses and streets across the UK are filled with references to literature. It is promising to see that the written word continues to have an influence on house and street names across the nation. In honour of World Book Day, we are encouraging people to get reading and to read to the children in their care, as this has a significant impact on their future.” 

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