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Address data with ‘byte’!

Sound, melody, harmony and rhythms make up the great (and sometimes not so great) musical compositions that can evoke our memories and emotions. The shark in the film Jaws that terrorised the residents of Amity Island, may not have seemed so scary without John Williams ingenious score. The presence of two alternating notes created those atmospheric, adrenaline pumped film sequences which heralded the imminent arrival of the snappy beast!.

Without that two notes change, the film may have lacked that killer bite. Perhaps, that should be kilobyte, because we sell address data not movie tickets and popcorn. PAF® address data packs its own powerful punch and thrills data users and their customers all over the UK. Every day we make thousands of changes to PAF and can supply you with a daily changes file six days a week. This means that your customers can get their teeth into your address solutions knowing they don’t need to be scared, because your solutions will be accurate and up to date.

Why not dip a toe in the water and see how PAF daily changes could harmonise your address solution and make it a blockbuster! Get in touch with our team at who will be happy to help and we guarantee they do not bite!

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