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Believe in Not Yet Built

Taurus or Pisces? Sagittarius or couldn’t care less?  There won’t be many of us that haven’t at some point scrutinised the deliberations of a paper or virtual soothsayer. Consulting Magic Myrtle or Sage Simon to find out if we will be lucky in love, rolling in cash or should be avoiding the person on the bus with dark eyebrows and orange shoelaces, can be quite tantalising.

The outcome of said prediction may encourage a further read the following day or most probably dismissed as utter rubbish, especially if it doesn’t come true!  The Address Management Unit doesn’t claim to possess the powers of the prophets, but what we do have is Not Yet Built (NYB) data that allows us to forecast the number of new delivery points that might be added to PAF.  Using NYB together with PAF can help businesses identify and deliver services to the addresses of properties that are at the planning and construction stage.

NYB is a handy dataset that will help your customers envisage what new property owners might want to buy, or can help you find out where buildings are being developed without needing a crystal ball.

Get in touch with our team who can help you gaze into your future use of Not Yet Built.

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