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Cracked the MR code yet?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be embroiled in the secret world of spies? Just imagine it, every working day filled with thrilling missions, exotic travel, strange disguises and enough gadgets to fill the boot of your latest Aston Martin. In all probability, this stereotypical image is far from reality and it takes more than one sharply dressed, cocktail quaffing individual to keep the world safe. But let’s not forget the spy’s usual mission is to crack classified code revealing the master plan of the villain that wants to take over the world!  The Address Management Unit knows little about spying, but we do know that there is a lot of address coding going on out there; and pssst…we also know where you could get your hands on a data ‘secret’ weapon.  Multiple Residence (MR) data helps you ‘find’ the addresses hiding in the shadows and will enable you to blow the cover on the doors behind a delivery point.

Don’t compromise your addressing solution, contact our Q branch special agents today who will be happy to help you decipher the benefits of MR….cue evil laugh, ha ha ha!

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