Make your Postcode stand out

Royal Mail can help you customise your Postcode making it unique and personal to you or your organisation. A customised Postcode can only be issued in the UK for a brand new development or an organisation that already has a a large user Postcode.

Why should you customise your Postcode?

Stand Out

Create a unique Postcode that will relate directly to your personal or business address so that it stands out!

Be memorable

Research tells us that Postcodes are easier to remember than birthdays and anniversaries. Make yours even more unforgettable.


Having a customised Postcode can help customers identify with you or a brand.

How can I customise my Postcode?

Customise the last two characters of your Postcode

Our addressing specialists are able to allocate a customised combination for the last two letters in your Postcode making it memorable for developments or an organisation.

Register your interest

We can offer customised Postcodes for UK companies and Developers. If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for a customised Postcode, please click below.