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New Postcode Exhaustion Process

The Address Management Unit have a new way of working when dealing with exhaustion of Postcodes within Sectors. This means there is no longer a requirement to recode whole areas, disrupting thousands of residents and businesses. We will now be overlaying new Postcode Sectors onto existing Sectors.

Delivery Operations have been consulted about the new process and have confirmed that this will have no detrimental effect on the efficiency of mail deliveries within these areas.

Any Postcode Sector which has exhausted all possible postcodes will be sub divided into 3 further Sectors and these will overlay the existing Postcode Sector. The existing Sector will then become the parent sector.

We have so far had to perform this new way of working in the following Sectors:

Parent Sector                   Overlay Sectors

LN1 2                                 LN1 4, LN1 5 and LN1 6

PE11 3                               PE11 5, PE11 6 and PE11 7

WS13 8                              WS13 1, WS13 2 and WS13 3

IP28 8                                IP28 1, IP28 2 and IP28 3

CM6 1                                CM6 4, CM6 5 and CM6 6

As the new sectors move from the Not Yet Built (NYB) file to PAF the details will be made available here within the ‘News’ section of our website.

At present both LN1 6 and PE11 5 are now live on PAF.

Should you have any queries about this change please contact the Address Management Unit on 08456 011 110 or email

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