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Not Yet Built and Knightwear

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ is an old proverb that we may recite in defence of comments from visitors about the way we live our lives.  If they dare, they may even chide us for wearing PJs (‘new normal’ office wear) whilst working in our castle, semi or flat. Attracting PJ comments depends of course if you confess to this sartorial elegance or stand up forgetting that your camera is on!

That aside, new buildings with all their fresh loveliness seem these days to crop up almost overnight, but did you know that in medieval times, if you were lucky enough to afford a castle, it could take between two and ten years for your ‘des res’ to be completed? If, however, you were short of the old shillings and a bit of wood with a splash of wattle and daub was all you could manage, then you were luckier in the completion stakes and would have moved in to your new ‘castle’ within a few months.

But how did the forward-thinking merchant know the optimum time to arrive at the building site to sell their candles, the latest line in garderobes, horn glazing or perhaps fashionable knightwear (sorry)?  Who knows, but they certainly wouldn’t have had the benefit of a nifty dataset called Not Yet Built.

Using Not Yet Built together with PAF® means that organisations can identify and deliver services to the addresses of properties that are at the planning and construction stage. Not Yet Built can also be used by modern day merchants to identify thousands of new households that may be looking for a new sofa, pillows or for that matter those all-important PJs.

You don’t have to wait for ten years to build Not Yet Built into your solution. Contact our team at who will be happy to cement the deal today!

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