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PAF Lover

Ballet dancers are the epitome of discipline. To achieve that seemingly effortless grace of pirouette perfection, takes years of dedication and practice to deliver that precision plié rather than an average arabesque. As far as we know there are no Pavlovas here at the Address Management Unit, but there are plenty of PAF lovers and we have been perfecting our addressing data moves since postcodes were invented over 60 years ago.

Our corps de data teams working week is dedicated to maintaining PAF and ensuring that it remains a highly accurate address database. The PAF lover’s commitment to their art is recognised by thousands of organisations across the UK that access the power of PAF to help them provide effective solutions for their business and efficient services for their customers. PAF is versatile and can be partnered up with our complementary datasets such as Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built to create a pas de deux that will delight your audiences.

Contact the box office today and one of our team will be happy take you on a quick spin around our products and help you fall in love with PAF.

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