Communication has come a long way since the invention in 1792 of the telegraph; the system that allowed messages to be shared over long distances, faster than a horse and rider. Granted the messages that could be sent by telegraph were shorter than a traditionally penned chronicle but getting an important message to someone reasonably quickly in comparison, must have seemed nothing short of miraculous! Bring an ancestor ‘back to the future’ (great film) and they would probably swoon at the vast volume of communication channels and particularly how little you need to type into your favourite social media app to share your news.  AMU communicates via social media to share our messages of love for all things PAF and addressing. But more importantly, to invite addressing data users of all shapes and purposes to get connected with the world of PAF and the amazing range of addressing solutions that are out there.

We don’t want to Twitter on but get LinkedIn and in an Insta see what we are saying. Give us the odd like, share or post and it might just help a potential customer to find your solutions faster than riding a Mustang from Manchester to Maidstone!

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