Multiple Residence

By using Multiple Residence alongside PAF® businesses can identify individual dwellings within multiple occupancy buildings that share a front door.

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Facts and Features

  • 185k properties divided into apartments or businesses

  • Includes more than 700k records

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems

These constant updates make PAF the UK’s most up-to-date address database. This ensures that more letters and parcels get to your customers first time. It also speeds transactions to reduce abandoned baskets and enables fast, accurate customer verification to help reduce returns and even fraud.

Five ways PAF and our additional address products can help your business

The Postcode Address File – and its complementary products – offers a host of benefits to organisations of every size and in every sector. It does so in a multitude of ways; but here are five of the most common uses.

Please note: The PAF database is delivered via a Windows based application (SetupRM.exe). If you are using a Mac or Linux/Unix based system you will need to use a machine running Windows or a Windows emulator.

Making Online Transactions Easier

Reduce abandoned baskets and expensive returns by enabling fast and accurate automatic address completion.

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Delivering Mail Efficiently

Increase addressing accuracy, leading to added efficiency, reduced returns and improved customer experience.

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Verifying Customer Identities

Verify addresses in seconds, for a better customer experience and reduce the likelihood of losses due to fraud.

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Managing Databases Effectively

Remove errors, duplicates and gaps in customer address information to ensure your records are up to date and standardised.

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Identifying Addresses in a Specific Geographic Area

Optimise route planning and select specific postcode areas to improve operational efficiency and customer targeting.

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Complementary data products

Using Multiple Residence alongside our other complementary
data products can help you get more out of PAF.

The Benefits of Multiple Residence

Discover more about the benefits of Multiple Residence.

Reduces the chance of lost mail

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Improves customer experience

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Minimises the incidence of returns

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