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PAF® helps your organisation to be effective and efficient

Accessing the highly accurate address and Postcode information in Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) helps organisations:

  • Provide a more efficient and professional service to customers
  • Convert more online sales and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Optimise planning and resource allocation
  • Save time and money
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It's easy and affordable to use our addressing products

A wide range of cost-effective licensing options are available, starting from as little as £2.80 per postcode area. You can also source PAF data directly from Royal Mail, or talk to a Solutions Provider. Just choose the option that’s right for you.

Find a ready made solution

Royal Mail licences the use of our database to a number of organisations who create ready-made PAF solutions.

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Use PAF data yourself

If you have the necessary programming skills in-house, you can develop your own PAF solutions.

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Become a licensed solutions provider

We licence the use of PAF to a number of organisations who create PAF-based addressing solutions.

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Five ways PAF and our additional address products can help your business

The Postcode Address File – and its complementary products – offer a host of benefits to organisations of every size and in every sector. It does so in a multitude of ways; but here are five of the most common uses.

Please note: The PAF database is delivered via a Windows based application (SetupRM.exe). If you are using a Mac or Linux/Unix based system you will need to use a machine running Windows or a Windows emulator.

Making Online Transactions Easier

Reduce abandoned baskets and expensive returns by enabling fast and accurate automatic address completion.

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Delivering Mail Efficiently

Increase addressing accuracy, leading to added efficiency, reduced returns and improved customer experience.

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Verifying Customer Identities

Verify addresses in seconds, for a better customer experience and reduce the likelihood of losses due to fraud.

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Managing Databases Effectively

Remove errors, duplicates and gaps in customer address information to ensure your records are up to date and standardised.

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Identifying Addresses in a Specific Geographic Area

Optimise route planning and select specific postcode areas to improve operational efficiency and customer targeting.

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Price Changes from 1st October 2024

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The June 2024 statistics for the Postcode Address File (PAF®)...

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