Accurate address and Postcode information enables organisations to be more effective and efficient

Accessing the highly accurate address and Postcode information in Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) helps organisations:

deliver a slick and professional service to their customers

increase online sales conversions and reduce the risk of fraud

planning and resource allocation

save time and money


Just how accurate and affordable is PAF?

  • 29.5m
    UK addresses that can be delivered to across 1.8m postcodes

  • 4-5k
    updates a day, from thousands of postmen and women

  • License PAF for as little as
    per Postcode Area

These daily updates make PAF the UK’s most up-to-date address database. By taking advantage of daily updates you can get more letters and parcels to your customers first time. It also supports businesses in reducing abandoned baskets, expensive returns, fraudulent transactions and customer complaints. Saving you both time and money.

The cost of using our address and Postcode information is much lower than many people expect. For example, licensing the use of PAF in a single Postcode Area e.g. PO or SR, starts from just £2 per user, per year. There will be additional fees for the supply of the data or for the use of the Solution. You can find more information on prices and fees on our pricing page.

Companies that rely on PAF


What can PAF do for my organisation?

PAF offers a host of benefits to organisations in every sector and of every size. There are many ways in which the data is used, but here are the most common uses and benefits.

  • Making Online Transactions Easier

    Reduce abandoned baskets and expensive returns by enabling fast and accurate automatic address completion.

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  • Verifying Customer Identities

    Verify addresses in seconds, for a better customer experience and reduce the likelihood of losses due to fraud.

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  • Delivering Mail Efficiently

    Increase addressing accuracy, leading to added efficiency, reduced returns and improved customer experience.

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  • Managing Databases Effectively

    Remove errors, duplicates and gaps in customer address information to ensure your records are up to date and standardised.

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  • Identifying Addresses in a Specific Geographic Area

    Optimise route planning and select specific postcode areas to improve operational efficiency and customer targeting.

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