Just in case you missed it first time around, we thought we’d roll out some of our spooktacular news highlights from the last quarter.

New ‘Royalty Returns Form’ from 1st October 2020

As announced on 30th June 2020 changes to our prices come into effect on 1 October 2020. To see what’s changing or to download a PDF of our new prices … read more

PAF Lover

Ballet dancers are the epitome of discipline. To achieve that seemingly effortless grace of pirouette perfection, takes years of dedication and practice to deliver that precision plié rather than … read more

Sunnyside: a Sociolinguistic History of British House Names

A Postcode Address File might sound like it has a ring-fenced application: it’s a file, and it’s for finding postcodes. You call it up, you type in an address, and … read more

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