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Multi Res. v Multi Risk

Like living on the edge, skating on thin ice, playing with fire, seeing how the dice fall? Then you are probably a risk taker and will most likely be planning your next solo skydive, extreme ironing in the Andes or perhaps crocodile wrestling in the Limpopo river.  Good for you and we hope that you love every minute of your next adventure!

Some of us though aren’t quite so brave and prefer not to take chances, particularly when we need address data that can be relied upon to verify our customer’s identity, reduce abandoned shopping baskets and help us on our way to a 5*rating.  That of course means using PAF data, but to improve your odds of finding the extra doors behind the delivery points, you need our Multiple Residence data.

Multiple Residence data complements PAF and will provide you with details of properties that share a letter box.  We can’t promise that using Multiple Residence data will be as electrifying as cave diving in Cumbria, but your customers will get a tiny thrill knowing that you have their address details!

Don’t risk losing that important sale, get in touch with our team who will help you take a chance on Multiple Residence data.

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