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    • AFD Ltd. (new window)
      We offer:
      • Name, address and bank data validation
      • For network, desktop and website
      • Installed or hosted
      Other info:
      Over 7,000 organisations large and small choose AFD for rapid, accurate, affordable name, address and bank data validation.
      Web: http://www.afd.co.ukNew Window
      Email us: postcode@afd.co.uk
      Or call us: 01624 811711

      Lough House, Approach Road, Ramsey,
      ISLE OF MAN, IM8 1RG
    • BPH Data Ltd (new window)
      We offer:
      • UK Postcode & Address Datasets
      • Mapping Coordinates & Administrative Area Tables
      • Gazetteers & Address Extracts
      Other info:
      We have been providing UK postcode data since 1995. Our data products are simple to integrate and our Part PAF® solutions offer significant savings in licence fees.
      Web: http://www.bph-postcodes.co.ukNew Window
      Email us: admin@bph-postcodes.co.uk
      Or call us: 01276 689 600

      Cedar House, Cedar Lane, Frimley, CAMBERLEY, GU16 7HZ

    • Arc En Ciel Ltd (new window)
      We offer:
      • Rapid addressing
      • mailing list generation
      • Where's my nearest?
      Other info:
      Our products are known for their ease of use and value for money.
      Web: http://www.arcenciel.comNew Window
      Email us: info@arcenciel.com
      Or call us: 0207 281 9885

      13 Gresley Road, 
      LONDON, N19 3LA
    • Royal Mail Address Management Unit (new window)
      We offer:
      • Use UK Addresses to quickly verify your customer's address details.
      • Easy to use, UK Addresses enables you to perform address look ups and create mailing lists.
      • Includes PAF, Alias and BFPO. Data can be exported to .CSV format using Address Manager.
      Other info:
      UK Addresses contains all 29.1m address records held within the Postcode Address File (PAF) Contact us now for your free evaluation version.
      Web: http://www.poweredbypaf.com/uk-addresses-cd/New Window
      Email us: address.management@royalmail.com
      Or call us: 08456 066 854 (option 3)

      Admiral House, 2 Admiral Way, Doxford International Business Park, SUNDERLAND, SR3 3XW

    • Thesaurus Technology (new window)
      We offer:
      • Desktop licences from £6.66 per user per year
      • Web licences from less than 1p per click
      • Reseller discounts available
      Other info:
      We've kept our solutions simple and the price low.  All products include FREE technical support, FREE SDK and FREE trials.
      Web: http://www.postcodesoftware.co.uk/pafNew Window
      Email us: info@postcodesoftware.co.uk
      Or call us: 0845 83 82 666

      Osborne House (1st Floor), 20 Victoria Avenue,
    • Map Logic Ltd (new window)
      We offer:
      • UK Addresses & PAF Extracts
      • Postcode Look Up Data & Bureau Services
      • Postcode Maps & Mapping Data
      Other info:
      We have over 20 years’ experience of providing PAF® addresses, Postcode data and Postcode maps to businesses of all sizes with first class bureau and support services.
      Web: http://www.map-logic.co.uk/royal-mail-addresses-and-postcodes.htmlNew Window
      Email us: info@map-logic.co.uk
      Or call us: 0844 808 2495

      Abbey House, 450 Bath Road, West Drayton
      UB7 0EB
    • Melissa Data (new window)
      We offer:
      • UK and international address verification
      • Data cleansing and data deduplication
      • Bespoke Bureau and Professional Services
      Other info:
      Since 1985, Melissa Data has provided global data quality solutions. We offer a free trial of all our products, unlimited technical support, and an exclusive ROI guarantee.
      Web: www.melissadata.com/uk/New Window
      Email us: info@melissadata.co.uk
      Or call us: 0845 869 2102

      Studio 5, 155 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ

    • Sword Apak (new window)
      We offer:
      • Address Cleansing
      • Mail Sortation
      • Downstream Access
      Other info:
      Address Manager is a powerful address processing solution designed to help your business reduce data management costs and maximise process efficiency. It is highly flexible, integrates smoothly with your applications, and can be tailored to your specific needs.
      Web: www.sword-apak.com/products/address-managementNew Window
      Email us: info@sword-apak.com
      Or call us: 01454 871 000

      Apak House, Unit 1, Badminton Court, Station Road,
      Yate, BRISTOL, BS37 5HZ 
    • Allies Computing Ltd (new window)
      We offer:
      • Web services, API's, software and data
      • FREE trials on everything
      • FREE support with no obligation to buy
      Other info:
      We provide address finders, address cleansing tools and address data to download. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements. Let us impress you, we're sure we can.
      Web: http://www.alliescomputing.comNew Window
      Email us: sales@alliescomputing.com
      Or call us: 01508 494 488

      Allies Computing Ltd, Manor Farm Barns, Fox Road, Framingham Pigot, NORWICH, NR14 7PZ

    • Postcode Anywhere Ltd (new window)
      We offer:
      • UK and International Address validation
      • API’s, Web Services and more
      • FREE set-up, FREE trial, UK Support
      Other info:
      Leaders of address auto-fill in eCommerce. Rapid address and bank account validation, store finder services, unbeatable uptime and simple integrations for Magento, Dynamics, Salesforce & Sage.
      Web: http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.ukNew Window
      Email us: info@postcodeanywhere.co.uk
      Or call us: 01905 888 550

      Waterside, Finger Wharf
      Basin Road, WORCESTER, WR5 3DA

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Supplier results showing 1 - 10 of 172