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Using the correct address and Postcode when sending cards and gifts this Christmas

Every Christmas, Royal Mail delivers millions and millions of cards and gifts to our customers across the country and this year will be no exception. With so many mail items entering our delivery network, we always recommend posting items as early as possible and making sure you use the correct address and Postcode on whatever you send.

Postcode information helps Royal Mail’s machines sort, route and sequence items of mail. Clearly displaying the Postcode and the address – ideally printed on a label – helps make the delivery of mail as efficient and effective as possible and, most importantly, means everyone receives what they’ve been sent in time for the big day.


If you’re sending cards and presents this Christmas and you don’t have your friend or family member’s full address details or the Postcode, or even if you’re not sure you can remember them, please check before you send. You can easily Find a Postcode and address information on You can use the Postcode Finder to check up to fifty separate addresses each day.

All of the information on Postcode Finder is drawn from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®), the UK’s most accurate and widely used address database. PAF contains 29.6 million UK addresses and 1.8 million UK Postcodes and is updated every day to take account for new builds, business name changes and the like. So, to ensure you use the correct address and Postcode for all the mail you send this Christmas, visit

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