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PAF® Dataset (and match) with MR NYB

MR NYB is not an affectionate name for a fancy fountain pen or pencil, they are in fact abbreviations for Multiple Residence (MR) and Not Yet Built (NYB) data.

Some of you will know, MR and NYB as the additional data sets that complement PAF and can add oodles of oomph to your solutions!

MR can be used alongside PAF to help you identify the doors behind the delivery point.  Apartment living is popular, and it can be incredibly frustrating trying to convince a friendly call centre advisor to sell you insurance, that you really do live at ‘Flat 1, The Turrets’ if that organisation doesn’t use a solution powered with MR.

Similarly, how many marketing opportunities are missed by not knowing what properties are under development? NYB can help you understand what properties are in the planning and development stages, which could help someone sell a lot of sofas, light up the street and connect with services!

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